Quality Charter

Last updated on 29/07/2022

The goal of monTransport.com is to facilitate the booking of a trustworthy Transport provider. With this perspective, all partnered providers must commit to the clauses listed below.

Use of the website

The partnered Transport provider commits to:

  • Fill up his profile with real and up to date information.
  • Send bids in line with the services it can offer.
  • Immediately cancel any bids it can no longer honor.
  • Only communicating correct information in response to trip requests.
  • Execute a perfect service in regards to its clients. In case of sub-contracting, the client must be informed in advance. The sub-contractor must have the same guarantees as the driver or contracting company, who remains entirely responsible.
  • Require drivers to be on time for departure.
  • Contact the traveler (client) and/or the main passenger ASAP in case of unforeseeable event preventing the transport execution.
  • To provide qualified chauffeurs (certification, professional experience...) with correct presentation and a polite manner.
  • Encourage drivers, through appropriate training, to respect the traffic rules.
  • To respect the work legislation, conforming to the collective branch agreement not to use illegal workers, to respect transport legislation and notably regarding driving and working hours.


The partnered Transport provider commits to using:

  • Vehicles complying with current safety standards and subject to mandatory technical inspections by approved bodies, in accordance with regulations.
  • Clean and regularly maintained vehicles.


The partnered Transport provider commits to:

  • To hold one or more licenses or authorizations for the profession.
  • Hold valid professional liability insurance.

In case of problems...

In the event of a dispute, the partnered Transport provider commits to quickly and efficiently resolve it, either by cooperating or by having the insurance company intervene.