Choose a vehicle type for your trip request and compare the bids of different drivers

Taxi / Cab

Description : 8 passengers maximum per vehicle.
The cars are: Sedans, cruisers, hatchbacks or minivans.
This transport mode is by far the most widespread.

Luxury cars

Description : 8 passengers maximum per vehicle.
Vehicles and services are of a high standard.You can get any additional services such as : a bilingual driver, a specific vehicle model, newspapers at your disposition etc. Available in France only

Coach / Minibus

Description : coaches are classified by category : luxury, large tourism, economical, with bed, minibus.
This transport mode is often considered the cheapest way to transport a group. Available in France only


Description : 8 passengers maximum per vehicle.
This luxury transport mode in a stretch limo is often used for special events and occasions. Available in France only


Description : Maximum 1 passenger per motorcycle and 2 small luggage.
This transport mode is by far the fastest in high traffic urban areas. Available in France only

Wheelchair taxis

Description : This mode of transport is specially designed to transport a passenger in a wheelchair or in need a personal accompaniment. Available in France only


Description : 2 or 3 passengers maximum depending on the pedicab.
This ecological transport mode is used for short distances in town.
It offers a pleasant and cozy setting for a sightseeing tour.
Only available in some cities. Available in France only

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