, it's 324 613 trip request posted in France, 69 171 bookings, 7 227 421 € paid back to its affiliates.
Actually, 2 150 trip request awaiting bookings.

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How does it work?

  1. View trips
    Receive trips that are relevant to you, in your pickup area.
  2. Send offers
    Send bids on trip requests that interest you by giving a fixed price and the proposed vehicle.
  3. Get Bookings
    Seduce customers with attractive offers. They choose the one that's right for them and pay online.
  4. Receive your payment
    Receive payment in your bank account once the transport has been completed. Billing is automatic.

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How much will it cost?

It's free!
The price mentioned on your bid is the price you will receive in your bank account if you are booked. adds its commission to the price of your bid.

The benefits

Revenue Increase

Diversify your customer base by appealing to a variety of potential clients, by participating in requests for quotes on (individuals, tourists, companies, travel and event agencies).

Optimise your planning

Increase the profitability of your business by intelligently optimizing your schedule. Reduce your empty returns or empty slots by sending attractive offers, to increase your chances of winning bookings. Build an optimization strategy by responding to trips corresponding to your off-peak periods.

Increased visibility

Your profile on is a showcase for your services. It includes the services you offer, your fleet of vehicles, and ratings and reviews left by customers who have used your services.
The virtuous circle: the more positive reviews you get, the more you'll be booked and the more you'll increase your visibility.

Keep track of your industry is a community bringing together thousands of people in the road passenger transport sector in France.
The website allows you to consult competitor offers and profiles so you can understand how to differentiate yourself according to your target clientele.

Freedom, security and guarantees

  • Freedom: send your offers only on the trips that interest you.
  • Neutrality: it's the traveler (customer) who chooses which offer to book.
  • Security: payment for transport is deposited in an escrow account, and transferred to your bank account directly after the service has been provided.
  • Simplified accounting and invoicing: your invoices are issued automatically and sent to customers at the end of the transport service.
  • Free: when sending an offer, the price you enter is the price you will receive in your bank account. adds its commission to the price of your offer and deducts it if you win the booking. Using the site is free for you. You don't have to pay anything!
  • Guarantee: thanks to its ingenious cancellation system, enables its partnered transport providers to protect themselves against traveler cancellations by guaranteeing compensation. See the cancellation policies.