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VERY helpful and friendly!!


Driver very sympatical, The car was totally clean. Appointment by sms useful and clear.

Natalie Girad

All good and easy to use thank you

David Dyer

Great service at a normal rate. Driver was lovely, friendly and punctual. Clean tidy vehicle and the driving was nice and smooth- didn't have to cling on for dear life like you do sometimes. Would highly recommend.


Really enjoyed the 2 trips from Facture Biganos to Andernos I was late because of the trains on the way there but the driver was waiting for me. very pleasant chauffeur! Thanks very much

Steve Allen

Perfect service, driver was punctual, lovely, and helpful, service was excellent, website is super efficient and reliable, and very responsive with any queries. I highly recommend it.


Great website, exceptionally good service, will use again.

Geoff Watkins

Absolutely excellent service, I couldn’t fault it.


A very good service . Excellent vehicule and driver and good communication from mon transport from booking to the day of the transfer. Would recommend.

Karen Webb

Wonderful Service. I use your services a number of times. We he’d excellent experiences each time. It is a wonderful service.

Nancy Lieurance

Very useful for long rides that
Very useful for long rides that Uber or Kapten seldom serve.


Good communication. Easygoing persons


It is really helpful to be able to book a transfer instead of having to try and find a taxi. You know in advance what you will pay. The drivers and cars are excellent and they turn up! Thankyou

Christine Moran

Super easy!
The quality is excellent

Ian Collins

First time user....great experie
First time user. Received three quotes and chose the lowest. Had a great experience with the driver used. Later had to use a taxi for an unexpected return trip....the taxi was dirty, driver uncommunicative and the trip cost 35% more! Will definitely use Mon again.

Steve Condon

Now our sole way of booking a tr
We'd been actively looking for this kind of service, after a few mild experiences when trying to book a taxi. The research was worthwhile though, and we don't regret having spent some time on this. After approximately 10 bookings, we are very satisfied: wait a few hours, then make an enlightened cho...


The driver was punctual, efficient, a careful driver and helpful with our luggage.

Terry Sanchez-Clark

Very happy with this service. Efficient and easy to use

Jane Stevenson

Extremely good service on every level. If only all taxi services were this good.

Mark Harris

Wonderful service! Driver was really helpful and polite and spoke English well.

Annie Baker

Competitive price

Find a guaranteed competitive fixed fare by comparing among more than a thousand local taxi cab services. Book a cheap taxi now.

Secure payment

Pay by credit card in advance on our website guarantees a service in accordance with your request. The selected taxi cab service receives its payment once the ride has been completed. In case of dispute, a refund is possible. Credit cards accepted are Visa and Mastercard.

Qualified drivers

Drivers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (night taxi Liege Airport) for short and long distance trips. By comparing, you can pick a driver who speaks English, Spanish or other languages, and thus select the most suitable driver for your ride. They all ensure reliability, discretion and a perfect knowledge of the region.

Any vehicles types

The vehicles of partnered taxi cab companies can accommodate all passengers and luggage: high-end sedans, station wagons, limousines, vans, minivans, 8-seater minibuses, 15-seater minibuses, buses and coaches for groups. They are comfortable and air-conditioned. You can request vehicles have large capacity trunks.

Many options and services

Most taxi cabs provide a phone charger and water bottles in their vehicle.
Do not hesitate to ask :
  • A booster or baby seat for your child,
  • If pets are accepted,
  • To organize a private shuttle for your events (seminars, congresses, pilgrimages etc.),
  • A welcome with a sign at the airport or at the train station.

Get picked up on time

When you book a cab from Liege Airport, select a driver with flight tracking. Your driver will arrive at the airport at the exact landing time.

When to arrive at the Liege Airport (LGG)?

A good rule is to arrive at the airport at least :
  • 1 hour before for domestic flights.
  • 2 hours before for international flights.
You need an additional 30 minutes if you have luggage.

Book a taxi in the airport LGG

Are you looking for a reliable and comfortable way to travel to or from Liege Airport? Look no further than our taxi cab comparator! We offer convenient and affordable transportation options that will get you to your destination quickly and easily.

The Liege Airport is located in the Liège Province in Wallonia region, Belgium. The airport LGG can be reached from a number of nearby cities and serves, among others, Brussels, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Essen, Antwerp.

To get to or leave the Liege Airport by train is really convenient: the Liège-Guillemins railway station is easily accessible, sometimes even directly from the airport, with many connections to travel in the region.

Note that there are on average 166,898 people transiting by airport LGG each year, and in Seraing we have 80 Cabs available. It is best to book in advance a taxi cab service (like Uber) on to minimize waiting time at the airport.

Beware! In the case of major sporting, musical events, fairs or congresses, but also strikes and during school holidays (high/peak season), traveling to or from the Liege Airport might be more congested.

During summer, beach side cities become very popular and many people can get to the Liege Airport, slowing down your journeys to and from the airport LGG with longer waiting times.

Book your taxi in Liege Airport

How do I book a taxi in Liege Airport?

Do you need a taxi at the Liege Airport? There’s nothing easier:
  1. Call a taxi: you will know the availability right away if you get hold of one, but not the rate.
  2. Find the taxi rank at your terminal: but expect metered rates and having to queue.
  3. Book a taxi online: the fastest and most convenient way to obtain a fixed and competitive rate.

Taxi stations in Liege Airport

Taxis are available day and night at the airport, depending on flight arrivals. You can book your trip in advance with complete peace of mind, including your long distance taxi or night taxi.

Where are the taxi ranks located in Liege Airport?

Taxi stands at Liège Airport can be found outside the terminal, within the arrivals area.

Where is the meeting point in the Liege Airport?

Drivers will usually meet you in the DRIVER MEETING POINT/LIMO SERVICE area, which is located in the arrivals hall.

When you book with us, your taxi or cab driver will contact you in advance to organize your meeting point on the day of your trip, and upon request, he can wait for you directly at arrivals with a name tag. This way, you can enjoy a stress-free journey from start to finish.

Taxi price in Liege Airport

Taxi rates for LGG airport are regulated by local and national authorities, which define their maximum fares. Taxis must apply the agreed rate, fixed for the airport if there is one, otherwise they can apply a variable price with the taximeter.

Uber cab price surge

Please note that some ride-hailing companies (black cabs, limo services or private vehicle hire) may apply peak prices during high-demand periods. To avoid fare increases, compare all cab taxi services and book in advance.

Fare increases are usually triggered at peak times based on flight arrival times at Liege Airport.

Official and regulated taxis cannot apply surge price increases during rush hour.

Booking a taxi at night

Taxis or cabs are available at the airport at all times, but we recommend booking a taxi online via our taxi calculator, which will allow you to get a taxi quote in advance and know the cheap taxi price.

In conclusion, booking a taxi with is the best way to ensure a smooth and comfortable journey to or from LGG airport. With our reliable and affordable transportation options, you'll be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Book your airport taxi today!

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