Chauffer driven tour cars


The "VTC" (Voiture de Transport avec Chauffeur) in other words, chauffeur car providers, formally known as "Grande Remise" have top of the range, 4-9 seats vehicles (including the driver).
These providers offer personalised and flawless services on board these prestigious vehicles adapted to each occassion.
A vast choice of cars and services are offered to meet the needs of clients, from professionals to private individuals.

The benefits :

  • A luxury vehicle adapted to specific needs
  • A professional chauffeur able to act as your guide, private concierge or bodyguard
  • Unlimited insurance coverage for passengers.


The Profession

Since the July 22nd 2009 French law, this transport sector has evolved. The terms "Grande Remise" and "Remise Chauffeur and tourism license" disappeared to be replaced by "voiture de transport avec chauffeur" in other words "chauffeur driven car" and/or "hired limousine".

In order to be a VTC, the manager must obtain a registration renewable every 5 years by the transport ministry, who handles the "VTC" registration in France.

A "VTC" company must hold a professional card provided by the French local council of the residing area or by the "Prefecture de Police" for the Paris area. This card is the proof of professional abilities, the holding of a B category license, physical capabilities following a medical checkup, knowledge of level 1 emergency first aid training procedures and absence of any criminal records.

A "VTC" driver must:

  • Detain a valid B license for at least 3 years
  • Have passed a medical checkup
  • Hold a Level 1 certification about "emergency first aid training" for less than 2 years
  • Show proof of a professional training course of at least 3 months, by a training center
  • Show proof that during the last 10 years, there was at least 1 year of professional experience as a chauffeur.
  • Hold the equivalent of a GNVQ level or 2 year NVQ level qualification
  • Hold a clean criminal record

The "VTC" drivers are generally in uniform in order to perfectly represent the requirements of this upscale service.

All "Grande Remise" companies must have special insurance to transport passengers for payment, which fully covers the passengers.

Reservation and Price

The "VTC" (voiture de transport avec chauffeur) or "hired limousine" do not have any restrictive trade pratice. These companies are therefore free to quote their price and services as part of the reservation contract with the client.

There are two ways to reserve your "VTC" chauffeur driven car in France (hired limousine):

  1. By reserving directly with the driver.
  2. By using the platform

Using gives the opportunity to compare prices between different service providers and to select the best one according to your needs.

The vehicle

The vehicles used by the "VTC" (Voiture de Transport avec Chauffeur) are all top of the range and have the following characteristics:

  • have between 4 to 9 places (including the chauffeur)
  • Been in circulation for less than 6 years
  • Has at least 4 doors
  • Is at least 4.50 metres long and 1.70 metres wide
  • has a car registration sticker showing the company's registration number on the bottom left corner of the windscreen

Certain dispensations can be granted by the city council for electric, hybrid or collector vehicles.
All vehicles must pass a yearly technical test which covers the car body and level of comfort.

These upscale vehicles generally offer a wide range of options aboard:

  • a DVD player or tablet,
  • WIFI access,
  • newspapers,
  • drinks and other food services ...

A "VTC" provider can also offer complementary services such as personal accompaniment, a concierge service and confidential deliveries on your behalf...
Most of these options are upon request and should be specified when making the reservation.

A little history

The term "Grande Remise" originates from Paris at the Louvre museum which was once the "Palais du Roi" the King's palace. At the time the coachmen waited in front of the palace in order to ensure quick trips for the King and for his court despite the traffic jams that it created in front of the palace even at this time. To solve this situation, the coachmen were requiered to wait in the heart of the palace, by putting them in "remise" (storerooms). Depending on the importance of the passengers, they were given a "Grande or Petite Remise" (a large or small storeroom).

Since then, this term has remained in the French language and to this day it designates the companies offering luxury chauffeur driven car rentals.

Only in 1921 did the profession organise itself in a modern way, thanks to Maurice Chabé who created the first upscale service for transporting people. His services were designed for the trips of wealthy clients from the leading Parisian hotels.

It is only thirty years later, in 1955, that the first regulations appeared for the profession in order to control the activity.

Affiliated drivers in main cities in France