The "Petite Remise"

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"Petite Remise" vehicle owners provides transportation services for individuals, with vehicles transport a maximum of 8 passengers.
Providers of "Petite Remise" services are generally established in small cities and rural areas where taxis are few or even non-existant.

The benefits :

  • Find a private vehicle hire in areas that are underserved by taxi
  • Personalised service


The profession

Each "Petite Remise" company must obtain an authorisation from the Prefecture of its operating area in order to conduct its activity.

A "Petite Remise" driver is legal when he holds the authorisation from the Prefect and a document stating that his vehicle is techniclly in order as well as a a log describing the details of each trip.
On the vehicle at the front and on the back, there must be two distinctive plaques showing the letter "R" also showing the area it operates in.

The driver must:

  • hold a B category driver's license and show proof of at least two years of driving experience,
  • not have been sanctioned administrively or judicially for serious infractions of the traffic rules,
  • pass periodical medical visits,
Furthermore they are required to speak and write French.

The "Petite Remise" provider is of course required to take out an insurance for transporting people in return for payment.

Reservation and Price

The "Petite Remise" providers are not retricted by any price regulations. Companies are therefore free to quote their services and prices as part of the reservation contract with the client.

There are 2 ways to reserve a "Petite Remise" vehicle:

  • By reserving directly with the service provider.
  • By using the platform

Using gives the opportunity to compare prices between different service providers and to select the best one according to your needs.

The vehicle

The "Petite Remise" vehicles' type are: sedans, cruisers or minivans with 4 to 9 places.
Some drivers provide PRM transportation and possess adapted vehicles for passengers in wheelchairs.

The Petite Remise provider is forbidden to display the name or telephone number of the company on the vehicle and it cannot show any commercially related sign.

Unlike taxis, the "Petite Remise" chauffeurs do not have the right to use radio communication. However, in some rural areas where taxi services are non-existant, the "Petite Remise" are authorised to use this type of system (with permission from the local council).

A little history

The term "Petite Remise" originated in Paris.
At the time the coachmen waited in front of the palace in order to ensure a fast transport service for the King and for his court which in result caused a large amount of traffic.
To solve this situation, the coachmen were made to wait in the Palace's storerooms. Depending on the importance of the passengers, they were given a "Grande / Petite Remise" a large or small storeroom.

Today, this service specialises in transporting people and their luggage. There are close to 2,100 Petite Remise companies in France. Few in number and fairly unknown by the population, these companies are amongst the most ancient in passenger transportation.

Partnered Transport providers in main cities in France

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