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Taxi ride fares in Sainte-Agnès - Alpes-Maritimes
Taxi ride price Minimum price Average price
Sainte-Agnès 06500 to Menton 35€ 51€
Menton to Sainte-Agnès 06500 47€ 80€
Sainte-Agnès 06500 to Nice 06000 69€ 92€
Nice 06200 to Sainte-Agnès 06500 79€ 104€
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What are the cost for my taxi ride from Sainte-Agnès 06500 to Menton ?
The taxi price is generally 51 € while the cheapest price obtained on the price comparison website is 35 €. For bigger group, send a request for quotes.

Distance: 7 km Duration: 17 mnView route on map

 This taxi ride was booked 13 times and has currently 365 drivers available on

What is the price for a taxi from Menton to Sainte-Agnès 06500 ?
The average cost of a taxi company is 80 € while the most competitive price found is 47 €. For bigger group, send a request for quotes.

Distance: 9 km Duration: 21 mnView route on map

 This taxi ride was booked 13 times and has currently 365 drivers available on

What are the cost for my taxi ride from Sainte-Agnès 06500 to Nice 06000 ?
The average price for a taxi trip is 92 €, when using a price comparison website you can book the same ride as cheap as 69 €. For bigger group, send a request for quotes.

Distance: 31 km Duration: 35 mnView route on map

 This taxi ride was booked 13 times and has currently 380 drivers available on

How much are taxis from Nice 06200 to Sainte-Agnès 06500 ?
The average taxi rate for this ride is typically 104 € while the cheapest price offered is 79 €. For bigger group, send a request for quotes.

Distance: 47 km Duration: 49 mnView route on map

 This taxi ride was booked 13 times and has currently 392 drivers available on

Last client's ratings

Rebus Constructions
Driver very sympatical, The car was totally clean. Appointment by sms useful and clear.
Natalie Girad
Was visiting the St Emilion region for my wedding. Enabled me to find a good sizeable transport for my entire family (2 adults and 2 kids), with a baby seat and booster.
Bondi French
First time user....great experie
First time user. Received three quotes and chose the lowest. Had a great experience with the driver used. Later had to use a taxi for an unexpected return trip....the taxi was dirty, driver uncommunicative and the trip cost 35% more! Will definitely use Mon again.
Steve Condon
It is really helpful to be able to book a transfer instead of having to try and find a taxi. You know in advance what you will pay. The drivers and cars are excellent and they turn up! Thankyou
Christine Moran
Great drive! The only ride I could book online in Nancy, France.
Sumit Kumar Jha
Really enjoyed the 2 trips from Facture Biganos to Andernos I was late because of the trains on the way there but the driver was waiting for me. very pleasant chauffeur! Thanks very much
Steve Allen
Perfect solution to a difficult transfer at the beginning of holiday
Richard Frackowiak
We needed a taxi from our middle of nowhere place to StEmilion. The process was very straight forward and the taxi we booked was all you would want it to be.
Owen White
Great website, exceptionally good service, will use again.
Geoff Watkins
Youseff was a great driver! He was prompt and friendly. He offered great information and was an expert of the road. We would definitely recommend Youseff for anyone in need of a friendly and professional driver.
Michael Swartz
Great service at a normal rate. Driver was lovely, friendly and punctual. Clean tidy vehicle and the driving was nice and smooth- didn't have to cling on for dear life like you do sometimes. Would highly recommend.
The driver was punctual, efficient, a careful driver and helpful with our luggage.
Terry Sanchez-Clark
Nice model - works well
Nice model, efficient bidding mechanism.
Paul Davis
Very useful for long rides that
Very useful for long rides that Uber or Kapten seldom serve.
Good communication. Easygoing persons
Now our sole way of booking a tr
We'd been actively looking for this kind of service, after a few mild experiences when trying to book a taxi. The research was worthwhile though, and we don't regret having spent some time on this. After approximately 10 bookings, we are very satisfied: wait a few hours, then make an enlightened ...
Easy to place your request, can see reviews of each provider. Easy to pay in advance to make it stress free service.
Wonderful service! Driver was really helpful and polite and spoke English well.
Annie Baker
Great service, professional driver, clean and comfortable car
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