Select your trip category in Coach / Minibus

The "Coach / Minibus" category represents transport providers offering services in coaches or minibuses. The capacity is between 9 to 99 passengers per vehicle. Keep reading...


Transfer in a chauffeured vehicle

Passenger(s) go from one address to another, with a return if desired.

Transfer in Coach / Minibus

Tour / Tourism

Tour / Tourism in a chauffeured vehicle

Passenger(s) go to several locations then return to their departure point.

Tour / Tourism in Coach / Minibus

Vehicle & driver hire

Vehicle & driver hire in a chauffeured vehicle

The driver and their vehicle are at your disposal for several hours or days.

Vehicle & driver hire in Coach / Minibus

Coaches and minibuses

Services offering minibuses or coaches with a driver are commonly called coach providers which are registered at the public transport companies' registry, owning vehicles (coaches and minibuses) with a capacity of more than 8 passengers.

Important points

  • The minibus can accomodate between 9 to 30 passengers
  • The coaches have different capacities depending on the model, the maximum capacity being around 80 people


  • Budget-friendly for group trips
  • Allowing the transport of various luggage and equipment
  • Comfortable transport for long distances

List of different coach categories

Economical : Coach with standard comfort for an economical trip.
Luxury : High comfort coach with different options.
Grand tourism : Comfortable coach generally with a large capacity: max 80 places.
Coaches with reclining seats : Coaches allowing travelling laid down
Minibus : Different minibus models that can accomodate from 9 to 30 passengers.
Partner coaches / minibuses in major French cities

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