Vehicle & driver hire - Taxi / Cab

For all "Vehicle & driver hire" requests, please send us the detailed itinerary including:
  • date and time of pickup and dropoff,
  • number of passengers and/or vehicle type (sedan, minibus, coach),
  • complete itinerary: each exact complete addresses of pickup and dropoff,
  • distance driven,
  • all other details concerning your requests.

We'll then be able to send you the best market rate for your request.

Send your request by email:

Complete itinerary example

4h vehicle and driver hire on 2/02/19 with a minivan 8 PAX.
Departure at 1am: Ch√Ęteau de Chambord, 41250 Chambord.
Driver need to pickup from event location and dropoff 40 guests at their lodging in the nearby 20km.
Driver end at 5pm.


  • If your request is missing information, we won't be able to send you a good rate as we'll have to count it as driving time.
  • In case you wish to book with us, full front payment by credit card is required as per our Terms and conditions.