Select your trip category in Pedicabs

The "Pedicabs" category represents the chauffered bikes offering a rickshaw service. The maximal capacity par vehicle : 2 to 4 passengers depending on the rickshaw. Keep reading...


Transfer in chauffered vehicle

The passenger(s) go from one address to another, with a return if desired.

Transfer in Pedicabs

Tour / Tourism

Tour / Tourism in chauffered vehicle

The passenger(s) go to several locations then return to their departure point.

Tour / Tourism in Pedicabs

Vehicle & driver hire

Vehicle & driver hire in chauffered vehicle

The chauffeur and his/ her vehicle are available for several hours or several days.

Vehicle & driver hire in Pedicabs


Pedicab, also known as tricycle or taxi-bike is equipped with a cabin able to transport 2 to 3 passengers max. This type of transport is essentially for short distances, tours or available for adding to the character of an event.

Important points

  • Only available in a few french cities
  • Max 2 to 3 passengers per pedicab (taxi-bike)
  • Limited luggage space (ask your driver)
  • Max speed of 25 km/hour


  • 100% ecological
  • Fun & pleasant
  • Avoid traffic jams thanks to cycle paths

Rickshaw services, most often called taxi-bike or pedicab, richshaw, it represents an ecological mean of transportation which is increasing in popularity in touristy places as well as major French cities.

The profession concerns the services of rickshaw services has not yet been regulated. However, the drivers affiliated with must be registered with the company register which constitutes a token of security.
Affiliated drivers in main cities in France