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*****, the city differently

***** is a innovating and dynamic solution to live your city differently.
***** accompanies you through 2 poles dedicated to:
• delivery of folds etde parcel
• transport of people.

The service delivery

For the delivery of your folds and parcel, a guided tour or to offer to your customers of Centreville, an additional service of home delivery, ***** brings speed, effectiveness and dynamism to you.
Faster than any other vehicle motorized in a radius of 6 km around a city, our service is the ideal partner to ensure your deliveries.

In the version cycles simple, with or without trailer, ***** allows:

To deliver folds, documents, small parcels, drugs, races and all light loads going up to 40 kg with the office plurality.

To offer a service complementary to your customers who will be able to make their purchases and to be made deliver to residence.

The service transport

To avoid the congestions, the parking spaces which are not always available, ***** accompanies you in all your displacements. ***** it is a complete service road of the centre town.

In the version tri-car, ***** it is:

A complementary offer for the heavier deliveries (up to 150 kg).
New means of transport for the people with reduced mobility, the customers of tradesmen,

A new tourist service to discover the city differently.

To take the time of (Re) discovering the city and of the new places, in family or between friends, while taking *****, short cuts accompanies you Professional or particular, with *****, also adopt the ecomobility.

Did you know?

• One needs 1/4 of hour to make 3 km with bicycle. A way conveys some on two fact less than 3 km.
• 10% of displacements in the car make less de500 m
• 10 km of bicycle the every day avoid the rejection, by the use of a car, of 700 kg CO2 a year.
• 1 place de parking conveys, they are 10 parking bays bicycle.
• To 5 km, the bicycle is faster than the car: a cyclist rolls on average to 15 km/h downtown compared with 14 km/h for a car!