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Laissez vous conduire!

With nearly 50 years’ experience, ****************** has developed a savoir faire in the management and organisation of large scale events, both nationally and internationally, involving the deployment of a large logistical network.
****************** has a pool of drivers who have been working for us for a number of years and with whom we share common val-ues.

They are selected for their natural sense of service, their manners and presentation.

Their objective is to carry out, under any cir-cumstance, a quality service with discretion and confidentiality.

Furthermore, they must take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of passengers and to drive the vehicle well, according to the rules and art of « Good Driving ».

Recruited according to strict criteria, their sense of human relations and their moral val-ues are major assets.

From one site to the next, we adapt our re-cruitment process in order to effectively re-spond to the situations and expectations of our clients (knowledge of the region, its infra-structures, its centres of interest…).