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Annick Taxi (Shuttle)
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5 / 5  sur 33 trajets
Ford Tournéo Titanium ...
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Review sent 28 july 2020 at 10:34
Transfer by Ford Tournéo Titanium 27 july 2020 from Rennes
: Prise en charge ponctuelle (même 1 mn en avance).
Véhicule très confortable.
La conductrice est très gentille et très sympathique. Et c’est surtout une très bonne conductrice puisque le trajet Rennes Caen a été effectué en 1h 45.
Je suis donc arrivé avec plus d’une heure d’avance sur l’horaire que j’avais prévu.
From driver : Merci beaucoup pour votre retour ♥
Il faut reconnaître que nous avons eu une faible circulation sur le trajet ce qui a favorisé une arrivée plus rapide ☻
Merci pour le confort, un élément indispensable .
A bientôt à bord .
Review sent 4 march 2020 at 14:27
Transfer by Opel Vivaro 22 february 2020 from Pacé
: Parfait !!
From driver : Merci beaucoup 😎 Au plaisir de vous revoir à bord.
Review sent 8 october 2019 at 16:57
Transfer by Opel Vivaro 6 october 2019 from Baillé
: Voyage agréable.
Je recommande le prestataire.
From driver : Merci pour votre joyeuse compagnie à bord 😊
Au plaisir de vous accueillir à nouveau. 😎
Review sent 16 september 2019 at 16:01
Transfer by Opel Vivaro 1 september 2019 from Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande
: Super
From driver : Merci beaucoup.
Review sent 11 september 2019 at 08:24
Transfer by Opel Vivaro 6 september 2019 from Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande
: Super transfert!
From driver : Merci beaucoup, au plaisir de vous revoir à bord.
Review sent 18 june 2019 at 07:30
Transfer by Opel Vivaro 18 june 2019 from Granville
: Parfait
From driver : Merci beaucoup ;-)
Review sent 17 june 2019 at 22:51
Transfer by Opel Vivaro 4 june 2019 from Pontorson
: Great experience! Would highly recommend! Driver was friendly, on time, and very professional!
From driver : Thank you so much
I would be happy to transport you next time.
Review sent 17 june 2019 at 22:47
Transfer by Opel Vivaro 4 june 2019 from Le Mont-Saint-Michel
: Great Experience! Driver was very nice and friendly, and on time both for drop off and pick up. Vehicle was clean and comfortable, and the driver even provided us with water! Would highly recommend and will use MonTransport again!
From driver : Thank you for having appreciated the comfort of the vehicle and the services.
Looking forward to seeing you on board again.
Review sent 2 june 2019 at 18:57
Transfer by Opel Vivaro 28 may 2019 from Beslon
: Our transport to Mont St. Michel with ******** on May 28th was unbelievably seamless. Not only was the transport punctual and the vehicle comfortable, the driver was so friendly and nice--we felt like we were in very good hands and being pampered the entire time. So glad to have found out about this service. So handy for Normandy!! Thank you--we would use again and again.
From driver : Thank you so much ,
it has been a very pleasant day with you and I am happy to have met your expectations.
Punctuality is a golden rule and comfort is essential.
I will be happy to have you on board again, in Normandy or elsewhere.
Best Regards.
Review sent 27 may 2019 at 12:19
Transfer by Opel Vivaro 26 may 2019 from Cancale
: Je recommande chaudement.
Le trajet s'est parfaitement déroulé dans la bonne humeur et l'échange.
Merci pour tout!
From driver : Merci pour votre message, c'était une bonne humeur partagée.
Ravie d'avoir partagé ce moment avec vous. 😎
Review sent 10 may 2019 at 01:22
Transfer by Opel Vivaro 6 may 2019 from Le Mont-Saint-Michel
: I luckily could have the same driver for 2 days. Such a relief when you travel overseas. I wanted to choose her not only because she proposed transport at very reasonable rate, but all her reviews were very good. The reviews were correct, she was a good driver, kind to all of us and we had great journey (...most of us fall asleep ;-) She kindly provided useful information of the area we drive, so it might be helpful for those who need additional help/advise when you travel around.
From driver : These two days of traveling with you have been very pleasant and you can benefit from information to avoid stress is part of my culture. Since I'm singing wrong, it was better for me to make you enjoy driving, uh, say ... like a lullaby.
A pleasure for me, thank you so much.
Review sent 10 may 2019 at 01:05
Transfer by Opel Vivaro 5 may 2019 from Saint-Malo
: It was my first time to use the service via montransport, so I was a bit worried if things will go smoothly. But the driver, Annick, was very nice from the first contact and eased such concerns. She is flexible and thoughtful, cared about all our group very well. The vehicle was clean and comfortable, had no problem to travel with 6 of us. I would definitely recommend!
From driver : Thank you very much .I am very happy to have participated in bringing you a beautiful image of our services.
when my passengers can enjoy the trip to relax and rest, my mission is fulfilled.
I wish you a good end of your journey 😎
Review sent 24 april 2019 at 15:05
Transfer by Opel Vivaro 20 april 2019 from Granville
: Annick, the driver, was so nice. We spent a nice trip together, she helped me a lot. So it was a very nice experience. Thanks for all.
From driver : Thank you, this was a very pleasant trip in your company ..
Thank you for this exchange and the pleasure of having you on board next time.😎
Review sent 11 april 2019 at 19:44
Transfer by Opel Vivaro 11 april 2019 from Pleurtuit
: Excellent accueil, conduite très agréable, je recommande fortement
From driver : Merci beaucoup.
Au plaisir de vous revoir à bord 😊
Review sent 7 february 2019 at 17:14
Transfer by Opel Vivaro 24 january 2019 from Montours
: Absolutely fantastic, Lovely friendly lady, and very helpful, from home to ferry port, and even supplied sweeties for the journey, which my mum well enjoyed
From driver : Thank you very much for your appreciation; it was also a pleasure to have you on board with your good humor, it was well worth a few candies -;)
Review sent 16 november 2018 at 02:41
Transfer by Opel Vivaro 7 november 2018 from Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes
: Excellent service et très grand professionnalisme
From driver : Merci pour votre appréciation.
Review sent 7 september 2018 at 16:25
Transfer by Opel Vivaro 3 september 2018 from Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande
: Tout est parfait
From driver : Merci à vous. Au plaisir
Review sent 19 july 2018 at 09:58
Transfer by Opel Vivaro 19 july 2018 from Bruz
: Ce fût un voyage très agréable, le transporteur à été très courtois .
From driver : Merci beaucoup pour votre retour. Bon voyage ☺️
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Transport on Demand (TAD)- 8 passengers minibus

Transport on Demand (TAD) specializing in the transport of small groups (maximum 8 passengers per vehicle) by reservation.
With or without luggage
Baby seat on request- 2 boost seats on board
All distances
Available Day / Night - 7/7 days

The vehicle is fitted with a plexiglass wall between the driver's station and the rear which can accommodate 6 passengers. Hydroalcoholic gel is available.
The vehicle is disinfected and ventilated after each mission.

Possible routes with driver waiting (shuttles for a wedding, a party ,sightseeing....)
non-smoking vehicle
Each seat is equipped with a removable neck chock on the headrest, for maximum comfort
Electric cooler on board to offer you fresh water
Chargers available for Apple device, Androids (1 and 2)
Making your trip more enjoyable is our priority.
⚠ My clients are used to planning and booking their trip at the earliest when my offer suits them. Don't wait for last minute .