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BMW Série 730D black (...
BMW Série 520D black (...

Taxi in Nevers. Transportation airport, cab for 8 people.

Long Distance Taxi, Conventional Taxi, VIP Taxi, Taxi Airport Shuttle. 8 years of activities in the Nièvre.
We take care of customers located in Nevers, Prémery, Corbigny, Clamecy, Tannay and all the towns of Nièvre located around the aforementioned cities.
Family business composed by Adrien, company manager and driver, Joëlle employee and driver?
Our service differentiates itself from the competition by the courtesy, the seriousness, the professionalism and the punctuality.
Our taxis are unique in the department and offer optimum comfort. We chose to ride in BMW sedans. For long-distance journeys, it's on board a 7-cylinder, 6-cylinder, 265hp engine that you'll enjoy the ride accompanied by Adrien, a chauffeur with 16 years of experience in the transport sector.
A former driver of cars and trucks, this is proof of the safety experience acquired over millions of kms traveled on European territory.

Yes you will not be disappointed!