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***************, society situated on Midi Pyrénées Région

*************** is a famillial firm created in the 80's.
Nowadays it is a group with a lot of store in Midi Pyrenées (Toulouse, (Cugnaux et Drémil Lafages), Belmont sur Rance, Vabres L'Abbaye, Auch, Lavit de Lomagne, Cahors, Capdenac Le Haut, et Rodez
- in HERAULT at Saint Jean de Védas.

We have 4 bus range to answer to your demand.
- PERFORMANCE : scolair
- ECO : with air-condition, video DVD, microphone, curtain, seat belt and reclining seat
- CONFORT : with air-condition, WC, vidéo, reclining seat, fridge, foot-rest, curtain, microphone, seat belt
- STAR : 44 seats in a bus destinated normally to 52 seats, spacious and very confortable

Our society own one :
- logistic service
- sales service
- accounting and human ressources department
- quality department
- mechanic department

Thank to these services we look after each clients with a lot of interest from the creation of the estimate to the end of the transport.