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Coach minibus in Paris (75012)

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Iveco VIP white (2006)
Bova Futura white (2011)

Bus company in Paris and in all over Europe

Our coaches are all certified "EURO 5", which is the lastest EU environmental standard, and operated with the latest Alcohol Sensor "Dragher 7000".
********************* offers its passengers a unique, secure, confortable and green journey (air conditionner, footrest, etc).

Our bus drivers are experienced in directions, punctual and bilingual. They are assisted with a management team in charge of the bookings, hotline and quotations.
Our organisation guarantees you an excellent service.

We currently serve group tours, corporates, fair managers, associations and even schools & universities in their journey in France and in all over Europe.

We do hope to meet you and fulfill your requirements.
Please contact us if you have any further questions.