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Irizar I6 grey (2012)
Bova Xhd120 grey (2003)
Noge Man grey (2009)
Bova FHD grey (2004)
Noge MAN grey (2014)
King Long King long wh...
SPRINTER grey (2017)

France coach Dawn Evasion full and airport transfer station

AURORA EVASION is a family business established in 2009 and located in the heart of the town of Pont-de-Beauvoisin.
Our team is organized around the experience and Jeremy Bernard ******** ******** in the field of tourism and transportation.
We pay special attention to our travelers and their projects.
Traveling with AURORA EVASION is to discover and enjoy the best of a destination in a friendly and in total comfort.
Let yourself be transported by our Grand Touring vehicles with amenities that will delight you and make your unforgettable getaways.
We also offer transfers stations and airports in the region.