Select your trip category in Mototaxis

The "Mototaxis" category represents the chauffered motorcycles proposing motorcycles services (eg: Honda Golwing). Maximal capacity per moto : 1 passenger. Keep reading...


Transfer in chauffered vehicle

The passenger(s) go from one address to another, with a return if desired.

Transfer in Mototaxis

Tour / Tourism

Tour / Tourism in chauffered vehicle

The passenger(s) go to several locations then return to their departure point.

Tour / Tourism in Mototaxis

Vehicle & driver hire

Vehicle & driver hire in chauffered vehicle

The chauffeur and his/ her vehicle are available for several hours or several days.

Vehicle & driver hire in Mototaxis


The moto taxi is a transportation mean becoming quite popular in France, as it provides a comfortable and fast way of travelling (avoiding all traffic) by motorcycle .

Important points

  • Only available in certain French cities
  • 1 passenger maximum per moto taxi
  • 1 to 2 luggages max (to discuss with the driver)


  • Nice 180° view
  • Quickest mean of transportation in high traffic cities in France

Moto taxi services, are officially regulated since the law of July 22nd 2009 and the decree of October 11th 2010. This transportation mean is considered as the fastest for large French cities suffering of traffic jams. And it also offers an unobstructed 180° view.

This service is generally provided on request :
  • A mobcap as well as a specialised helmet.
  • Bluetooth equipment allows you to communicate with the chauffeur as well as listen to music and make telephone calls.
  • Protective kit in the event of bad weather.

Moto taxi services drive either a moto or a scooter.
The preferred brands are generally the top of the range motorcycles :
  • Honda Goldwing
  • BMW
  • Scooter 650 cm3
Affiliated drivers in main cities in France