Select your trip category in Limousines

The "Limousines" category represents drivers offering chauffered stretched cars services. Maximal capacity of 8 passengers per vehicle. Keep reading...


Transfer in chauffered vehicle

The passenger(s) go from one address to another, with a return if desired.

Transfer in Limousines

Tour / Tourism

Tour / Tourism in chauffered vehicle

The passenger(s) go to several locations then return to their departure point.

Tour / Tourism in Limousines

Vehicle & driver hire

Vehicle & driver hire in chauffered vehicle

The chauffeur and his/ her vehicle are available for several hours or several days.

Vehicle & driver hire in Limousines


The Limousine (or limo) designates a streched car. This expression originates from Germany where it designates sedans with 6 windows instead of sedans with 4 windows.

The "Limousines" category groups together 2 categories of drivers

Important points

  • 8 passengers maximum


  • Luxury stretch & comfortable car

This transportation mean is often used for special occasions (events) for a fun time in complete comfort.
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