Select your trip category in Luxury cars

The "Luxury cars" category represents the drivers offering chauffeured services in luxury and high end vehicles. Maximal capacity: 8 passengers per vehicle. Keep reading...


Transfer in chauffered vehicle

The passenger(s) go from one address to another, with a return if desired.

Transfer in Luxury cars

Tour / Tourism

Tour / Tourism in chauffered vehicle

The passenger(s) go to several locations then return to their departure point.

Tour / Tourism in Luxury cars

Vehicle & driver hire

Vehicle & driver hire in chauffered vehicle

The chauffeur and his/ her vehicle are available for several hours or several days.

Vehicle & driver hire in Luxury cars

Luxury cars

The "Luxury cars" category concerns transport services with luxury vehicles.

The "Luxury cars" category concerns 2 types of driver

Important points

  • Max of 8 passengers per vehicle


  • Luxury vehicle
  • Personalised luxury service to suit your needs
  • Loads of other services on request

This "Luxury cars" category is mainly used for luxury services. Most of the vehicles used are top of the range. The service is personalised to suit your transportation needs.
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