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Taxi ride fares in Gare de Saint-Péray
Taxi ride price Minimum price Average price
Valence 26000 to Gare de Saint-Péray 31€ 83€
Gare de Saint-Péray to Alixan 41€ 60€
Alixan to Gare de Saint-Péray 47€ 58€
Gare de Saint-Péray to Valence 26000 23€ 90€
How much is a taxi from Valence 26000 to Gare de Saint-Péray ?
The taxi price is generally 83 € while the cheapest price obtained on the price comparison website is 31 €. A cab seating 1 to 4 pas... Continuesengers has an average cost of 37 €, while for 5 to 8 passengers the average rate is 152 €. For bigger group, send a request for quotes. Show less

Distance: 8 km Duration: 15 mnView route on map

 This taxi ride was booked 13 times and has currently 193 drivers available on

What are the cost for my taxi ride from Gare de Saint-Péray to Alixan ?
The official taxi fare is about 60 € while the best price obtained is 41 €. A sedan can accommodate 1 to 4 passengers and has an ave... Continuerage cost of 52 €, for a minibus accommodating 5 to 8 passengers it can generally cost you 93 €. For bigger group, send a request for quotes. Show less

Distance: 27 km Duration: 27 mnView route on map

 This taxi ride was booked 13 times and has currently 196 drivers available on

What is the price for a taxi from Alixan to Gare de Saint-Péray ?
The average taxi rate for this ride is typically 58 € while the cheapest price offered is 47 €.... Continue For bigger group, send a request for quotes. Show less

Distance: 26 km Duration: 24 mnView route on map

 This taxi ride was booked 13 times and has currently 200 drivers available on

How much does a cab cost from Gare de Saint-Péray to Valence 26000 ?
In general, taxi fares are about 90 € while the most affordable fare found is 23 €. A sedan seating 1 to 4 passengers will have an a... Continueverage price of 29 €, a minivan that can seat 5 to 8 passengers will have an average price of 152 €. For bigger group, send a request for quotes. Show less

Distance: 4 km Duration: 8 mnView route on map

 This taxi ride was booked 13 times and has currently 203 drivers available on

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How to book a taxi in Gare de Saint-Péray ?

If you’re going to be travelling to or from Gare de Saint-Péray station in the coming days or weeks, it could be a good idea for you to get a rough idea of what your options are in terms of transport once you’re there. The city of Saint-Péray is close enough to Toulaud, Cornas and Guilherand-Granges, so if you get the tourism bug while you’re there you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore the Ardèche region! It’s worth noting as well that plenty of the smaller and mid-sized train stations like Gare de Saint-Péray station in France don’t always have taxis available, which is why it’s super important to book your taxi ride in advance to make sure you’ll be covered, no matter what.

Another way to avoid any unfortunate mishaps is to make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to get to the station. recommends getting there 1h30 before your train is scheduled to depart, just to ensure nothing goes wrong — it’s a big enough window for you to be confident you won’t miss your train. From Gare de Saint-Péray station, you’ll also be close to Gare de Valence station and Airport Valence - Chabeuil, making it a convenient jumping-off point if you’re looking to extend your travels by another destination or two.

Whether you’re heading to Gare de Saint-Péray station as the start or the end of your journey, it’s important that you have an idea of what the taxi situation will look like, and how you can make sure you’ll be covered no matter what.

With, you can book a taxi or a minivan in advance of your trip, whether you’re going to Gare de Saint-Péray station or returning from it. Our service is simple, intuitive, and geared towards making your journey as pain-free as possible — you’ll know beforehand how much the trip will cost you, so you don’t need to worry about taxi meters or changing costs. All of our drivers have been vetted and reviewed, and they can all speak English.

Here’s how you can book a taxi online at a fixed and competitive rate:

  1. Use’s price comparator to book a taxi by filling in your itinerary, at least a day in advance if possible.
  2. You’ll then have 2 choices :
    1. Send a quote request: it’ll prompt all available drivers to compete for your trip by sending their cheapest rate. After selecting the one that suits your need, confirm your booking by prepaying the fare online.
    2. Send a taxi booking request: you’ll be presented with a number of different prices and vehicles, select one and prepay to send a booking confirmation.

Once you’ve chosen the right driver & vehicle at the right price and made the payment, you can relax knowing that your taxi journey has been taken care of.

The taxis we work with offer a number of amenities, such as booster seats for children, mobile phone chargers, and water bottles. If you like, you’ll be welcomed at arrival by your driver holding a sign with your name on it. If there’s anything else you need to know about the process, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us using our contact form. You can also check out our FAQ page.

Start planning your taxi trip to or from Gare de Saint-Péray station. Bon voyage!

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